Under the Sicilian Sun

Lido Aquarius Aci Castello
Catania, Sicily, Italy

March 15, 2017
Photography: Joee Wong

Even though I've been to Catania many times, I always find myself enchanted by the beautiful landscape and friendly locals with each visit. This trip was no different when I spent a day at the gorgeous Lido Aquarius Aci Castello.

Located right along the coast of Catania, Lido Aquarius is a spot to relax, enjoy the sun, and eat. It’s the place to find locals enjoying the Mediterranean Sea and Sicilian sun with their family and friends. On-site parking is available and upon entering Lido Aquarius, each guest is greeted by friendly staff. There are fees to use the facilities so be sure to bring your wallet!

I was assigned a change room and given a key. Change rooms are small huts that double as a locker. This was great because the small huts guaranteed privacy and security for valuables. The best part: no line up lol.

For my visit, I stayed at a private deck lined with sunbeds and a separate entry into the sea. The service was impeccable. The friendly staff helped me with my sunbed, gave me beach towels, and even brought over a large umbrella for sun protection. I really felt like they were taking care of me (and pampering me too!)

The public swimming area is only a short walk away so I headed over to that area. A small, shallow pool made of natural formations seemed to be a favourite for the families with young children. There were floaties and plastic pails around for young children to use.

The adults seemed to enjoy dipping right into the sea itself. I jumped in for a bit but the water was a little choppy and much colder than the private side. I scurried back up to the rocks lol.

One of my favourite features of Lido Aquarius were the public showers. They’re housed in natural rock formations and provide some much needed shade. There was no lineup when I got there, which is great! There’s a small area for you to leave your towels and numerous showers are available. The showers are essentially “open concept” and men and women share this space together.

Lido Aquarius also has a soccer field, scuba diving courses, table tennis, etc. to cater to their guests’ leisure needs. They really thought about what their guests would love to do in an all-in-one facility… including eating. There’s a nice little restaurant to replenish your energy after all that suntanning and swimming.

There is plenty of seating indoors but they also have a covered outdoor patio. The restaurant is more lunchroom style, where you choose the various items you’d like to eat. The prices were really reasonable, and the food surprisingly very tasty. The roast chicken thigh was moist inside with a crispy skin. I topped up my plate with steamed local vegetables as recommended by the friendly staff. Granita is also available for purchase and consumption lol, and as usual, I’m munching on lemon granita (which was very tasty).

It’s crazy to think that life in North America is so different from one in Catania. I was there on a weekday and it was nice to see so many people thoroughly enjoying themselves.

I kind of wish I had this relaxed attitude in my daily life in Toronto. But hey, this is all the more reason to come back to Catania, and enjoy their lifestyle under the Sicilian sun. I can’t wait to return to Lido Aquarius to take a dip in the sea and devour their delicious granita.


Via Giancinta Pezzana, 18
95021 Aci Castello
Catania, Sicily, ITALY

TEL +39 095 271708

For more information, visit their Facebook page.