The Sicilian Charm

Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea
Taormina, Sicily, Italy

March 20, 2017
Photography: Joee Wong

Main reception building at Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea

Taormina is a coastal town filled with history and beauty. From above, you can take in the wondrous skyline of Taormina and from below, you can experience true luxury at the Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea hotel.

Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea is a luxury hotel with a striking view of the Mediterranean Sea. It was built in 1830 and is situated right along the Mediteranean Sea. As with all Belmond Hotel properties, they offer true white glove service -- you will absolutely enjoy your stay here (I know I did!)

To reach Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea, it's a short ride (or walk!) down the pathway. The main building houses the reception and lobby. It is also an access point to other areas of the property including hotel rooms, Oliviero restaurant, and the beautiful beach!

Upon arrival, the front desk staff were filled with smiles. Not only were they efficient with check-in, they were also kind and courteous.... two things that go a long way after travelling to a destination. After I was given my key, my luggage was taken by a porter and together, we walked up to my room.

When I first arrived to my room, I was very surprised by the size of the suite. It was huge for one person! On a small coffee table, there was a welcome gift of fresh fruit, 3 cannolis, some beautiful Belmond marketing materials, and a welcome note. Honestly, the amount of thought and detail from Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea left a lasting impression.

My suite included a powder room, which was located near the suite door. It seems like a simple powder room but it had marble everything, and it was fully stocked with toiletries, and a beautiful stand-up shower. 

My suite included a large living space with a desk and a couch. The desk housed Belmond materials including room service and spa services and some Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea postcards. These branded postcards showed various areas of their beautiful property. I ended up using a few to send home to my nieces. It was a small detail but I loved that they provided postcards.

After a long day out, it's always nice to simply kick back, relax, and read a book. I did that a lot on this comfy couch ? I know the room appears small in the photos but believe me, it was really big!

The room was elegantly furnished and still so large. The bed was comfortable and felt just like home. I loved the amount of natural light that poured into the suite! I could enjoy the sun without having to leave the bed.

The small table was perfect for dining and watching TV. Room service was remarkable – they were fast, efficient, and the food was simply delicious. I ordered a chicken caesar salad, and as simple as that sounds, it was SO good. Unfortunately, it's not pictured as I devoured it within minutes lol!

A hospitality service that is becoming rare is turndown service. This is when staff adjust the suite for the night such as removing decorative pillows off the bed, leaving a bottled water with a glass, a mint, and laying out the room slippers. Needless to say, every night I returned to my suite, I would find that it was turned down. This was a nice touch and made my night easier and more comfortable. I really appreciated this service as I simply hopped into bed and fell asleep.

In addition to the powder room near the suite door, there was also a large bathroom beside the bedroom. The bathroom was marble everything, and had many fine details such as another fully stocked set of toiletries, sewing kit, cotton balls and qtips. There was also a bidet and toilet. 

Honestly, the finer details always count and Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea puts their best foot forward.

This suite had a walk-out terrace with a garden view. I could just see the sea far in the back but it was still so nice. The terrace was so large that I could have hosted a soiree here. It was fully equiped with lounge chairs and was well lit at night. 

Walking down towards the beach, you'll come across beautiful lush gardens. It's a quiet space so I couldn't help but take my sketchbook here to draw. I could hear the gentle sea, and light laughter coming from the terrace. I really felt serenity in their gardens and would do anything to take a stroll there again.

Every morning, I would walk down to Oliverio Restaurant for breakfast. It was an amazing way to start my day. I would get seated on the terrace and enjoy a delicious cappucino while overlooking the beach and Mediteranean Sea. Continental breakfast was available with quality meats, fresh juice, cereal, fruits, coffee, and tea. However, for those who enjoy a hot breakfast, you can order à la carte. This included sausage, eggs (whichever way you like), bacon, and even pancakes. I highly suggest ordering their pancakes. They're freshly made to order, topped with fresh fruit, and drizzled with authentic maple syrup. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Not only was the food amazing at Oliverio Restaurant, the staff here provided stellar service. Every morning they would greet me by my name, help me find a seat with a good view, and kindly take my pancake order. They were all cheerful, friendly, and really made my morning that much better. 

Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea is one of the most incredible properties along the Mediterranean Sea. Their beach is private, and again, with helpful and courteous staff who are ready to make your day at the beach perfect. The change rooms are located close to the wall and are small, private huts. Taking a quick dip in the warm Sicilian water is truly a dream. 

On the far side of the right are big rocks that I wouldn't recommend swimming around but they are good for photo opportunities ? Concierge can help you arrange extracurriculars such as private boat rides (highly recommend).

Another feature Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea is famous for is.... their beautiful infinity pool. I wanted to include it in this review but honestly, it deserves its' own post. Stay tuned!

Overall, my stay at Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea was everything I could have imagined for a luxury hotel. However, there were so many times they went above and beyond to make my stay comfortable, welcoming, and enjoyable. With only 60 suites available, it's hard not to feel like Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea is your own personal villa. 


Via Nazionale, 137, 98039
Taormina ME, ITALY

TEL +39 0942 627 1200

For more information, visit the Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea website.